It’s my pleasure you’re here. However, if you’ve checked the “About” of this blog, you would have seen the details of this blog and what it’s all about.

Nevertheless, I’ll be sharing more details of what the blog is all about here.

First, I’m Ruqoyah Azeez, I love  writing, but have never thought of opening a blog and be posting  them there. Until someone motivated me that I can do better and all..

However, I’d be sharing more of my creative writings, random stuffs I thought of, which I think by passing it out to people, we all can learn from it one way or the other. Not limited to that alone. But also, some of my feelings and thoughts I guess it could be of an help to people out there.

Also, don’t forget to always comments, subscribe,like and share!❤️❤️

Contact us:

Email address:  rukayatazeez03@gmail.com
– WhatsApp: 09039604829

– Twitter: @rukzzzy
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